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Friday, July 9, 2010

Details and DIY

I fell in love with the so many unique and adorable DIY details before my wedding. I actually had a hard time being realistic about not only my skills but the amount of details involved in any wedding.

I'll be the first to admit that it can be so easy to go overboard on the details, signs, paper cones for flowers, and the limitless amount of cute favors. The wedding blog world is a great resource for fantastic details, but one thing I had to remind myself was that bride with the cute signs, she didn't also have the chair decorations, the paper cones for flowers, the personalized favors, etc. There is a point where little details go from aww inspring and clutter central. Think about decorating a room, how many little details before it looks less chic and more chintzy.

In general, you want your details to match your wedding. If you are having a modern affair in a large city loft then rustic chair signs aren't really the detail you should include. Similarly, if you are having that beautiful vineyard wedding you may want to rethink the back and white mod chair bows. I always tell my husband that I really could have planned about three very different weddings and still not have used all the wonderful details I came across in the year I was planning.

Besides for your details matching the wedding, you also want your details to match each other. If you are doing a monogram, keep the monogram the same throughout the event. If you are doing the vintage paper cones have the same paper pop up in other elements like table numbers or place cards. However, even better than the same paper is coordinating paper. It avoids the whole matchy-match thing, but won't clash.

While details can be a great way to make your wedding your own, it's important to be realistic. Believe me it will save your sanity. Know your limits. Trust me, there isn't an unlimited amount of time right before the wedding so try to limit your last minute DIY to one item. For example, I really wanted caramel apples for our favors and I knew that due it's perishable nature it was going to be a last minute thing. This was the only thing I did myself immediately before the wedding and I was so glad because there was not much time. If you are DIY a few items make sure some of them can get done in the months or weeks before your wedding, the sooner the better.

Another important aspect of being realistic is knowing your abilities. I am not that good at crafty things. Intricate little crafts that required talent, not for me, I tend to get more paint in my hair than on the paper. Therefore, I had to really be smart about what crafts I decided to tackle on my own. It helps to ask friends that may have experience and may be better crafters than yourself, but be careful not to overwhelm them.

Here are some great DIY details!

images via Style me Pretty & Young House Love

image via Martha Stewart Weddings

image via Elizabeth Anne Designs

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