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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Guest

Well, we can't always be the bride at the wedding now can we. Sometimes we get to be a bridesmaid and our attire is usually picked for us, but oftentimes we get to attend weddings as guests. I often attend weddings (and other formal events) with the same crowd of people. I have a hard time wearing the same dress over and over again. Mostly, I love dressing up and I love new fancy dresses. However, new fancy dresses are not very budget friendly.

I recently came across the website Rent the Runway. Now girls, men have been on to this idea for years, hello rental tuxedos why haven't we gotten on board earlier? I must admit I was skeptical at first. I mean how clean were the dresses going to be? How would I know if they would fit?

I have to say Rent the Runway totally and completely exceeded my expectations. I ordered two different dresses (in two sizes, a backup size is included) for an event, the first dress cost 50 dollars and the second dress was 25 dollars. They offer a backup dress for only 25 additional dollars, but they also offer pretty detailed reviews about the fit of the dress so I would wager to say a backup isn't always necessary. Total cost 75$. The price of one dress alone was 800$. They provided the return envelopes and I wore the dress put it back in the envelope and sent it on it's way. The dresses were clean and just as they were pictured.

For a second event in the same weekend with all the same people. I rented two more dresses (what can I say I like a backup plan). Unfortunately, at the last minute my backup dress wasn't available. They had excellent customer service who called right away explained the situation and sent another dress in it's place, but again, my original dress was perfect. I spent 75$ for the second event. The cost of the dress I wore was 450$.

Overall, It was a win-win for me. I got to wear trendy dresses that I normally wouldn't buy because they were way out of my budget for a seasonal piece. I also was able to save some money by not buying another dress I would likely only wear a few times.

Just because we won't always be a bride doesn't mean we can't always look good! Try it out. You need an invitation to join, but if you click here it should connect you.

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