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Thursday, July 8, 2010


Before your wedding there are likely to be a few pre-wedding events. A shower is typically thrown for the bride a few months before the wedding. Who throws the showers varies from area to area, sometimes it's the mother of the bride or groom, the bridal party, maids and matrons of honor, or friends of the family, but regardless of the host there is usually a few key features to a shower, opening presents and playing some bridal shower games.

For many brides showers can be overwhelming. Here are a few tips that make the whole day more enjoyable! First, you don't have to open gifts. You can ask your host(s) to specify clear paper or paper-less gifts ( it's green). If you do open gifts be sure that you have a friend write down the name of the guest and the gift they gave you. Secondly, there is no real need to act super surprised, but being thankful is key! In most cases you registered for the gift so you won't have to really act like you like it because you picked it out! The key here is to make eye contact with the gift giver and thank them. When you get a gift you didn't register for it's key to say thank you and comment on how useful/thoughtful the gift was. In general, if you are thankful and remember that everyone came out to celebrate you it will show on your face!

Shower games don't have to be embarrassing anymore. Most of the time you don't really get a say in the types of shower games played so unless you really really have an issue with games in which case spread the word to all possible party planners. In cases where you are throwing a shower some great games include quizzes about the bride, a little game on how well the bride and groom know each other, pocket book scavenger hunts, etc.

Showers also don't just have to be for the ladies anymore. Couple showers are great alternatives when the bride may not know a lot of people from the grooms side. These are usually evening events include less games and more mingling.

Two final words on showers, write your thank you cards as soon as you can. Remember hostess gifts for the people that gave you a shower (if they aren't in your bridal party.)

Oh, and remember to have some fun!!

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  1. I am such a fan of "display" wedding showers! I am the MOH in my cousin's wedding, and I am hosting her bridal shower in 2 weeks. Her and her fiance created a wedding registry on MyRegistry.com, so I know that the shower guests purchased many of the items on their wish list. I think that it's very meaningful for all of the shower guests to be able to see the gifts that the bride receives...however, I think all of the time spent on opening the gifts (and cleaning up all of that wrapping paper) is meaningLESS. It just takes way too long! Having a display shower is a great idea because that way everyone is able to see the bride's gifts and no one has to sit through the unwrapping process.