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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Wedding Perfection

I'm going to be honest with you and tell you a few secrets.

First, No matter how hard you plan your wedding will not go a 100% exactly the way you wanted. However, your wedding will be PERFECTLY IMPERFECT.

Secondly, No one except YOU knows how exactly you wanted your wedding to be. No one coming thinks you didn't plan to have that shade of red as one of your colors. Everyone thinks this wedding is just as you wanted, so why not jump on board. It's the day of your wedding, it is just as it's going to be and let me tell you it's perfect!

I can hands down tell you I am the worlds most obsessive planner, but despite all my planning I had a few oops events happen at my wedding. I did what everyone told me to do when dealing with them. I stayed calm. I dealt with what I could, let others deal with what they could, and I just simply let the rest GO.

Truth: My ceremony seating chart got misplaced in transit to the venue. I had made about 20 reserved seating signs and my day of coordinator, Amanda of Amanda Barbara Events couldn't do much without the list. After a 10 minute phone call I recited the list the seats were labeled and the wedding day went on.

Advice: Always keep spares of important lists. Make sure there is one with you or your maid of honor and one with the person setting up.

Truth: We left my husbands wedding ring at my parents house. I know right? Doesn't everyone pretty much joke about this happening. It did. Not even kidding, I looked at my sister and said, "You have the rings right?" and she responded, "I have your wedding ring, not W's" I laughed and she said no really I don't have it. I can tell you everyone in that room just stopped. It was as if time stood still. We all looked around hoping someone else grabbed it, but it wasn't there. So about 20 minutes before we were set to walk down the aisle we had no ring. Amanda ran back to my parents house and ran back with time to spare. I found out later she had to break in to my parents house, which unlike our normal protocol was locked up like Fort Knox. Regardless, we went down the aisle with smiles on our faces. Guess what, not one of our guests even suspected we were ringless a mere 10 minutes before.

Advice: Um, double check that you (or the ring safekeeper) has the ring before you leave your house. Seriously, DUH!

Truth: My closest aunt and mother of my very very young flower girl and ring bearer was so sick she didn't make it through the ceremony. My flower girl didn't make it down the aisle by herself and the ring bearer didn't even have his shirt tucked in. Bottom line I regret that my closest aunt couldn't be there, but my uncle that literally had to carry my little cousin (flower girl) down the aisle all the while pretending to be the flower girl and throwing petals from her basket is HYSTERICAL on the video. Shirt not being tucked in, oh well, still the cutest.

Advice: If you have young flower girl and ring bearers be prepared that they may not make it down the aisle. My cousins are so important to me that it made no difference that they were 2 months shy of two years. They were part of the wedding. I was fully prepared that they may not make pictures (they didn't) and they may not make it down the aisle (they sort of did). If they do, great if not it's still ok. Just be prepared that little ones don't always follow plans.

Truth: My very newly minted mother in law passed out during the cocktail hour (she's fine). For the year or so that we planned our wedding my husband and I always joked the safest place to be would be at our wedding. My father and his family and friends are pretty much all physicians. My husband and pretty much all of his friends are physicians. Seriously, if you got sick at our wedding it was well covered. However, we didn't actually mean we wanted people to fall ill, ooops. My mother in law didn't eat, was overwhelmed, stood for a very long time during the ceremony, and then she passed out during the cocktail hour. Honestly, it was dealt with within 10 seconds there was a wheelchair and she was ushered up to her hotel room. She drank some soda ate a little and was (almost) as good as new in a 1/2 hour. My husband and I made a quick decision to push off our first dance and our parents weren't introduced at the beginning of the reception. In the end only people standing right around her realized what happened. We had our first dance a bit later on when she was able to make it down and the party went on.

Advice: Mishaps will happen. Just smile, figure out how to make the best of it and remember that you are in love and just got MARRIED.

All of these crazy little things happened at my wedding, but when I think back on that day I think back to all of the great memories. I remember saying "I do" I remember dancing the night away, and I remember all of the friends and family that celebrated with us!

Stay sane all the little mishaps, just make for a better story.

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