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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Foot Phenomenon

Flat or heel? Comfort or style? Wedge or stilleto? Sparkles or Satin? These are questions brides have been asking for decades when it comes to choosing their perfect "glass slipper"....White or Color? This is quite the new phenomenon.

So long to the days when brides are thinking/being told that "you can't even see the shoe under the dress anyway" and hello to the days of wedding photographers everywhere itching to get a few shots of those shoes . Whether it be before they even slip them on, when someone else is helping put them on or just simply peeking out of the bottom of the all white gowns, those shoe shots are a definate at some moment throughout the day. And with wedding dress hemlines getting shorter and shorter, a girl has got be wise when choosing the right shoe.

It just makes sense..for decades, women have been particular about fashion including the shoe. Imagine life without flipping through Vogue gawking over the latest Jimmy Choo's or watching Sex and the City without wondering what Manolo Carrie was going to slip on to complete her look. This obsession has now crossed the border into wedding planning, so add it to the long list you have already compiled, ladies.

And as a traditional, yet fashionable, bride I was quite torn. I went the easy route..used both. I was gifted a beautiful pair of Satin, White Stuart Weitzmans from my maid/matron of honors, aka, best friends aka 2 sisters that I adored, but I was itching for a pop of yellow in my very traditional lace gown. So when my husband bought me these fabulous pair of yellow Louboutins as a wedding gift, how could a girl resist. My mom was adamantly opposed to me "ruining" my dress with these bright fashion statements, but I was resistant to giving them up. So, in order to stay SANE AND HAPPY (not always easy in the wedding world) I practiced what all marriages are comprised of and compromised. I wore my beautiful white heels while getting ready at my parent's house and during our mass and then switched to my yellow fashion statements when hitting up the after photos and reception.

One of my very best friends also opted for the color tradition introducing her traditional "something blue" in a very non traditional way. She rocked a pair of navy blue heels under her gorgeous lace gown and not only checked her "something blue" off her list, but also fashionably coordinated with her classic navy blue and white color scheme to really tie together her whole day.

And when it comes to outside the box shoes, we can't forget to include our groom in the mix. This picture is from S & W's big day. The checkered socks that the W and his groomsmen wore really got quite the hype, not to mention made for an awesome photo op

So, Are you traditional or modern when it comes to wedding day shoes? Thoughts on Color? Favorite shoe shots? Share them with us!

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