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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Invitation Tip

Trying to stay sane isn't easy in the last few months of planning.
Hopefully this tip will help with some of the sanity. If you aren't up to this part of wedding planning, bookmark this because you will surely thank us later.

Remember that handy excel sheet S and I spoke about in earlier posts. Add another column to that. This time, number each address that you are sending an invitation to. Since you have likely already compiled this list to either print the address or handwrite them, it shouldn't be so tough. After they are numbered, be sure to put the invites in the same order when stuffing them. With a pencil, label the RSVP cards on the back in one of the corners with the number that coordinates with that invitation list. For example, Mrs. Jen Smith is number one on your guest list. Well put a small number 1 on the back of the RSVP card that you stick in Mrs. Jen Smith's envelope. Follow this for each invite.

Might seem time consuming at first, but it really is such a time saver. Trying to keep sane when Blank, illegible., or duplicate RSVP cards come back in the mail is not easy. Any bride can attest this. While many compare recieving the RSVP back in the mail to Christmas, the Christmas morning can be ruined when you open a card to have it read Mrs. Smith and their are about 10 Mrs. Smith's on your guestlist. People write illegibly, people fill in the number of guests with a little note but never put their name on it and people forget to insert their first names leaving you and your fiance googling handwriting decodement as you sit and ponder.

Trust us, save yourself some time. You'll thank us later.
Any other time saving, sanity keeping tricks? Let us know. Have questions about the above post. Email us and we can help.

Invitations above by LA Engagement Party Invitations via Style Me Pretty

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