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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Perfect Moment III

Calm, serene & at ease-A definate perfect moment. It is one that is few and far between during the excitement and whirlwind of our wedding days. Capturing a moment like this takes such an eye as this bride and groom look as though they are having their own moment, not even noticing the photographer.
Photojournalism is the newest wedding photography phenomenon and that is what most of our "perfect moments" exemplify. It forgoes the traditional wedding poses and allows the photographer to become creative, and the bride and groom(and wedding party & guests) to remain natural. I find that these candid shots make for much better frame worthy images, but that is my own opinion. Its always nice to have a few of the traditional ones as well, but the emotions that are exuded from these are indeed, "perfect moments."
It is important when meeting with your potentional photographers you specifiy the types of pictures and photography you are both looking for from the get-go. That will allow you to figure out if your wants match up with the photographer's style. Be sure to go through some of their sample albums to get a better idea of how he/she shoots. Nothing is better than actual past material.
Photo contribution taken from Anthony Vazquez, http://www.anthonyvazquez.com/

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