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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jcrew Wedding Opens New Madison Ave Shop..

Finally! I always adore going through the Jcrew catalogue and seeing all of the amazing lay outs for their wedding line, especially all of the adorable bridesmaid dresses in all the most poignant colors, sigh. They actually can make the thought of being someone's bridesmaid, fashionable. When it came to actually choosing dresses, I found the fact that there was no where to go see and try on the dresses quite irritating. I ordered two different styles, in two different colors and sizes, but being a busy bride with 8 bridesmaids, I couldnt really wait around to deal with the whole exchange process. I wanted to order every single dress, in every single color and every different size!

That being said, too late for me, but not for you newly engaged brides! If you are in the area, check out the store on 66th and Madison in NYC, one of the wedding capitals of the world! And if you are not in the area, maybe send Ashley (the Jcrew wedding guru) some feedback on opening up a store near you. I am sure once they see how much easier they have made it for brides, they will start popping up all over. Opening May 27th : )

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