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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sweet Decisions

The B & G cutting of the cake has become an intregal part of most wedding ceremonies, not to mention photographs. The cake originally symbolized fortune in fertility in the marriage, but today's couples focus on the perfect design, song to play while it is being cut, and whether or not, they want some of it in their face by their newly married partner. (This is almost as talked about pre-wedding as the type of kiss that will happen when the officiant/priest/judge/etc states the ever famous "you may now kiss the bride") Even the taste of the cake has taken the back burner to these other prioritized decisions. That being said, its important for the b & g to agree on taste being that they will both definately be chowing down, not to mention in front of all their guests.

The design of the cake is usually something the bride takes a bit more iniciative in, at least in our case. Jt played an intregal role in things such as budgeting, guest list, band etc, but he wasn't so keen on finding the perfect cake, which was evident when I turned to him after entering the reception and stated "thats not our cake?!?!" You can imagine my disaray after having painfully looked through millions of magazine and blog images to find the perfect combination of simple traditional, yet modern yet slightly different yet tying into our wedding theme..you get the point. It wasn't easy. So tell us..what kind of cakes are your favorite? Do you enjoy the simple, clean looks? The intricate details of florals? All white? Colors? We want to hear how you are staying SANE finding the perfect one? and if you cant, we are hear to help you. Email us telling us what you are looking for and we will find it!

BTW, Budgeting tip: Many venues offer cakes with their packages, but be sure to ask when booking. If they don't, try bargaining it in before signing. If you still can't get them to budge, but want that perfect cake which is too costly, try having the baker make one layer of the cake for you and groom to cut into, and the other layers cardboard inside, but designed on the outside. Then buy a sheet cake from a local baker large enough for all your guests and have them serve the sheet cake. The guests will NEVER know and your pocket (and fiance') will love you .

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