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Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Websites

Let's face it, technology has taken over. While some of the older folks may complain about having to find everything online (think registries), technology has opened the doors to many outlets in wedding planning that make it easier for both planners and our guests. Wedding Websites are one of those doors. Sure, some may find it corny when couples post pictures of the two of them madly in love, with every detail of the proposal written, shots of the magnificient ring in every direction, cheesy music playing in the background and countdown to the day down to the minute, but it doesn't have to be that way at all!

There are so many classy ways to utilize wedding websites. They offer a one stop locale for our guests to find out all the details of our weddings. They also serve as save the dates for couples who aren't into sending cards/magnets or are planning so quickly they just dont have the time to send them out . Its also a technologically advanced way to recieve RSVPS. (Any way to get our guests to respond in a timely fashion is worth not having to make those awkward phone calls asking why they havent sent back the ALREADY POSTAGED response in a nice, even when you are angry, way.) Just be sure to keep the good, old fashion snail mail as an option for your not so computer savy guests.

They are specifically useful for weddings where the B&G are expecting lots of out of towners or for destination weddings. It's the go- to for our guests to be reminded of the dates, times, & agenda for the weekend, along with having an idea of different places to stay, transportation and of course, all the registries in one location. Its also great for getting to know the couple and there relationship a little better. Let's face it, we all have a few people on our guest lists that don't quite know just how the two of us met, fell in love, or heck, even look like (Mom, do we HAVE to invite Aunt Jane, I dont think I have ever met her? Guest list post to follow...) so this is a good spot to put a little information on there. Just keep in mind, not everyone wants to read about every detail of the years spent together. Keep it light, fun and most importantly, let it reflect the two of you as a couple.

Being that we were planning at the same time, S & I did a lot of research on what sites were the best to use. We were looking for user-friendly, easy lay-outs , & cheap prices(think FREE! put that money towards something else in our budgets) and we both ended up using mywedding.com for our sites. We LOVED working with this page. It was absolutely free, offered the ability to track how often the page got viewed, guest books and was so easy to use. It offered a bunch of generic pages like photos, ceremony, accomodations, as well as the ability to add up to 4-5 of your own specialized pages.

If you want a little glimpse into what our finished projects looked like, check our pages out..



Other sites to look into:

theknot.com -They just updated there wedding websites about 6-8 months ago. Prior to that they were pretty generic with not a lot of space for information, but I have seen some friends who have recently begun planning use the updated version and it looks great! It is also a free service.

ewedding.com- This site has the ability to sign up for free sites or more advanced ones for a small price

weddingwindow.com- This site offers free trials so you can start a page & see if it works for you before dishing in the wallet

Just caught this one on snippet & ink..check it out http://snippetandink.blogspot.com/2010/05/sponsored-post-wedding-jojo.html

What sites do you guys think are the best? We would love to hear from you about what sites you liked best and what tips you think are key for making a successful page...

Need help putting together the site? Not enough time to manage your ever growing to-do list or not feeling creative enough to make a finished project? No problem, Email and Enlist S & I to help!

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  1. We're using www.projectwedding.com. They have a TON of different templates to use - you could pretty much find one to match any theme. It's totally free, and they have a great layout with lots of different "tabs" that you can customize - photos, wedding party, about us, directions, etc. You can even add your own tab to suit whatever your needs are. Easy to use and navigate, too!