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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Let's talk, bridesmaids

Let's face it being a bridesmaid is often as much fun as a bikini wax. However, there are ways to make it painless and even enjoyable for (almost) everyone. Seriously, enjoyable!

First, remember what it's like to be a bridesmaid....(go ahead really think about it)

After, your finished rehashing your worst moment as a bridesmaid take a few girls dress shopping with you. I would recommend taking two girls that have different body shapes. If you haven't already, consider "sister" dresses, dresses that may have different cuts, but come in the color that you love. This tip is especially important if one of your bridesmaids is pregnant during the wedding (be kind it may be you one day)

Here are some pictures of some gorgeous "sister" dresses

image credit (l-r): anne marie photography via style me pretty, liviasean via style me pretty

Another great idea is using different shades (or totally different colors) of the same dress, it adds so much dimension to wedding pictures.

Here is a great picture of bridesmaids in different shades

image credit: coutureeventssd.com via style me pretty

.....and different colors

image credit christian oth, via style me pretty

If you are really laid back, having your bridesmaids wear a dress they like in whatever color family you pick will win you major brownie points. It will also make your pictures pop! Consider helping each girl because funny enough I've heard picking out your own dress can be quite anxiety provoking.

image credit: Olivia Leigh Photography, via style me pretty

Before we leave the topic of bridesmaid dresses, let's talk price. I am a culprit of picking bridesmaid dresses that were on the high(est) end of the spectrum. I know I'm a really bad bride. Here are some of things I tired to do that I hope made it easier. I tried to be accommodating in a few ways, I chipped in money towards the girls dresses that brought the price down to a bit more reasonable price. I also talked about it with each of my friends privately. After talking to them I then put more money towards some of the others girls dresses. In the grand scheme of weddings remember that these are dresses they will wear once, despite how re-wearable you may think they are. Try to do one better than me and pick cheaper dresses.

Another part of being a bridesmaid that can get quite expensive is hair, makeup, nails, etc. First of all, if it is really important that all of your best friends be with you the morning of the wedding and you want them all to have professional hair and makeup than you may have to consider paying for that yourself. If it's about being together than hair and makeup shouldn't be a required. For me a simple rule to go by is, if it you are insisting that they do something than you need to be the one paying for it. Hair and makeup not only get expensive, but some people simply don't like the way professionals do their hair or makeup.

The best part of being a bride is the amount of quality time you get to spend with your best friends before the wedding. However, remember that sometimes life gets in the way and it may be hard for all of your bridesmaids to get to all the events. Although, it may be hard to deal with such is life. Try to be considerate and talk to your friends about what events are really important to you and what events you hope they can be there at.

image credit: Jessica Loren, via style me pretty

Always remember this, they are your best friends and you want them to be your best friends after the wedding is over.

Do you have a story about the worst bridesmaid experience? Or are you a bride with a maidzilla? I'd love to hear the story!

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