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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dance Party

F posted the other day about music decision, one of the many choices brides and groom have to make before the wedding is Band or DJ.
Sometimes the decision is a budgetary one and then it's easy you do what fits in your budget. Other times it's a space issue, having a wedding in a small space? A large band won't fit, easy choice.

However, there are times when the decision is a little more complex. Let's break it down with a good old pro con list (have I mentioned my love for pro con lists, serious love)


  • Better sound
  • Live concert like feeling
  • Let's be honest, it looks impressive
  • Can play very different music i.e. cultural music
  • Club party like feeling
  • Can change types a of music very quickly if the party isn't picking up (However, good bands should be able to do this too)
  • Price
  • Fits into a smaller space not as much equipment

  • Price
  • Takes up more space
  • Must ensure that they are talented and their repertoire involves different types of music
  • Must combat the club like feel if it's not your thing
  • Must ensure that the DJ is very perceptive and can change music when needed
Overall, the decision is a personal one. I chose a band for various reasons including a large venue, formal wedding, and comfort.

What did you choose? Band, DJ, Ipod play list?

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