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Friday, June 4, 2010

Veil Trends...

One of the newest wedding fashion trends out there is the birdcage veil. It has made its return as one of the hottest trends over the past two years and I have a feeling it will be one to stick around. Brides & Veils have gotten that much more complicated...It used to only be the decision of long or short veils, blusher or not, then it became to wear one at all or not and now this! It brings a vintage feel to the day.

These veils can be worn alone or with a flower or hairpiece attached. They can be pushed forward in front of the brides eye (as seen in this photo) or back into the bride's hair. Its less formal and more mysterious and I can't help but love the aura it brings. It also highlights the brides face and can be easily removed for a more casual look. To top it off, it has become an inexpensive version of veils, which are more costly then many brides can imagine until stepping into bridal salons.

While I opted for a long, classic, lace embroidered veil, I simply love this trend. Paired with the perfect dress, it makes for one fashion forward bride.

(Photo Credit, StyleMePretty.com)

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