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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Random Beauty Thought to Keep You Sane

Despite our various countdowns to the big day, sometimes months start flying by and you approach the 2-3 month mark much quicker then expected. At this time, the wedding planning "lull" has zipped by leaving you in what I like to call the wedding "tornado." The to do list that was tackled now has a zillion new additions, many of which involve a lot of time and thought. With that, emotions are running high and excitement is through the roof making it hard to think clearly at time.

Let us do the thinking for you...Before it gets to the 2-3 month mark, start thinking about beauty in advance. What sorts of special things would you like done for the wedding? Make a list and try them out. This is the perfect type of thing to do during that lull. Any changes that you may want for the big day should happen at least 6 months before.

Heres a list of common ones to get you started:

-New medication Changes-Any additions or removals of medications should be avoided right before the big day. This goes without explanation as to why, but side effects, allergic reactions etc. can really damper a brides mood, not to mention really have a mood effect! (This includes visits to the dermatologist for your face and Gynocologist for Birth Control) This category also include any new vitamins and/or supplements.


-Hair cuts/coloring-whether it be a new stylist, new do or coloring a shade lighter(even if it is JUST one shade), do it a 6 months before to ensure that you are satisfied with how it turns out. Then book your appt for right before the big day!

-Hair removal-lasar, waxing, threading whatever you decide be sure to make sure you try it out before.

-Makeup/Lotions-Any new foundations or powders should be tested out in advance to be sure that your skin doesn't have any adverse reactions

-Self Tanning-that glowing look might turn you into an orange or rub off on your white gown. Try it before to ensure that you love it. This is one that can typically be done about a month before, but at least give enough time for it to wear off it you don't.

-Any changes in diet/exercise- You could easily over exert yourself if leaving it to the end and you wouldn't want to have to sit out of all the dancing just because you decided to do an extreme boot camp after sitting on the couch for two years. My advice is avoid tdiets all together and begin to eat more healthily 6 months before. That being said any crash diet you plan to try out the week/day of, should at least be given a "test run." Cutting out certain food groups could cause for some sort of body or GI reaction that you do not want to be dealing with on the big day!

This might seem like a silly tip, but trust me, 2-3 months before the big day, freak outs and insanity kicks in. All of a sudden ideas such as eyelash dying or lengthening that were laughable prior, begin to surface and it becomes hard to tease out reality and this insanity.

Start making the list now to avoid such disasters xoxo

What crazy things did you try or think to try right before the big day ?

(Image credits; Anthony Vazquez photography for the bride & Style Me Pretty)


  1. I just want to say, hello I love you! New follower/reader.

    I am already on product patrol and I have a little over a year. I've tested crest white strips (so I know that I can double duty them a week or so before without cringing when I sip cold champagne) and I tested false eye lashes...which did not go as happily the whitening.

    As always, thanks for the sound advice! :) B

  2. F & S @ sanebrideadviceJune 15, 2010 at 3:45 PM

    Thank you SO much! We love to hear feedback from our readers...please feel free to email us any questions/topics you would like to read more about.....and yes, crest strips are much a much easier feat then the eyelashes, but you have plenty of time to practice with those if you choose to since you are ahead of the game! Great work :) xoxo

  3. Great tips, who else thinks about this stuff - new medication changes?! No wedding blog I've ever read.