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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vendor Spotlight-Austin Wedding Photographer Eric Hegwer

As you know, here at Sane Brides we adore perfect moments which are composed of a mix of amazing love and a sharp eye via excellent photography skills. So when we got a chance to speak with Eric from Eric Hegwer Photography we were excited to be able to share with our readers. Eric is a photographer based out of Austin, Texas who has a great eye for perfect moments and much more. He was able to offer us some great tips when it comes to choosing a photographer for the big day, a very important vendor selection. Check out his site to see more of his work and read below for some of the great advice and inspirations Eric has to offer...

SB: How would you describe your style?

E.H: At Eric Hegwer Photography we love all parts of a wedding - there are always tons of great candid shots, opportunities to make incredible portraits, and even a bit of commercial style photography when I take pictures of all the details. Overall I consider myself an accurate wedding photographer - I can shift between the photojournalistic "fly on the wall" style that is so popular with the brides, to a more traditional wedding photographer when the Mother of the Groom wants some of the standard family portraits. Depending on what the couple wants, I bring in 2nd (and even 3rd) photographers with additional skills to get the shots they want.

SB: In the south bridal sessions are a must for every bride, can you tell us northerners a little about them?

E.H.:Bridal Portraits are so much fun! A few weeks before the wedding, once the gown is ready, it is traditional for the bride to have a bridal session. This is when the bride gets all dressed up, and we head out to do a combination of fun, relaxed pictures, and a few traditional shots showing off the gown. The sessions are a great trial run for hair and makeup, and usually her mom, sisters, and maid of honor come to participate. We do all kinds of poses, and I love teaching them how to stand, and look great in photos. Then, a large framed print is prepared and displayed at the wedding. I've heard multiple reasons for doing this, but for me, it saves time on the wedding day. I know we have some great shots of the bride, so we can forget about those on the day of the wedding, and get her to the party faster.

SB: How long have you been a photographer?

E.H: For the last 5 years I have been a full time wedding photographer. Earlier this year, when my business began to really take off, I opened a studio and began to take on associates who share my style and philosophy. Starting a team has been a great bonus to the brides, because they get more pictures, faster. Oh yeah, In a previous life, I was a biochemist.

SB: Best question for a bride/groom to ask a potential photographer?

E.H:"How long will I have to wait to get my photos?" I've heard so many stories of couples waiting months or years to get their wedding pictures. In todays digital age, a great photographer should be able to get 99% perfect picture in the camera, and have to do little post processing after. I guarantee that my couples will get their photos within 3 weeks of their wedding. Even when I shoot a wedding with real film (I'm one of the few in the world who still uses film) I can get the shots developed and scanned in a few short weeks.

SB: What inspires you as a wedding photographer?

E.H. I find inspiration all over! From my dog, to my garden, to my yearly trips to Europe with my wife. I love going to museums, art shows, and street fares. There is so much beauty everywhere!

SB: On the day of the event, how do you typically work with your clients? What style/approach do you use?

E.H. To me, it's super important to learn as much as I can about the bride and the groom. How did they meet? What are their favorite foods, and movies. Do they like to travel, or see live music, or garden. The more I can understand about them, the better the pictures are. At the same time, I share bits about who I am. It's all about building trust, so when the time comes for photos, they can relax in front of the camera. Of course I have the experience to direct them when necessary, but if I see something amazing happening, I also know when to just be quiet and shoot.

SB:Do you ask clients to give you a list of photographs prior to an event?

E.H. Not usually. I generally attend the rehearsal, and get to know the immediate family, and bridal party the day before, so when it's time for formals they go quickly and effortlessly. I recommend every couple set aside a minimum of 20 minutes so I can take some creative portraits of the two of them. Sometimes they come to me with a particular shot they love, and ask me if I can re-create it. I tell them that this is a different couple's wedding picture, and I'll do my best to make a new one just for them.

SB:. How are you keeping up w the ever changing field of wedding photography?

E.H.Wedding photography hasn't really changed much in the last 5 years. Wedding trends change, but photography is still the same. I like to give clean, crisp, vibrant photos. It is very important for me to correctly frame and expose my pictures, and after that it's just keeping on top of what brides want. It's also very important that the couple have actual pictures to display around the house. Of course, they all get a Disc of the digital negatives, but I also encourage them to get prints made to show off their big day.

SB Here at sane brides, we adore the details of the big day. What are your favorite type of details to capture?

E.H:My absolutely favorite time of a wedding is immediately after the ceremony. The couple is now married, and doesn't know exactly what to do! I step back and just let events unfold. Sometimes they break down and start crying in joy, or family and friends rush over to congratulate them. Each time it's different, and incredible

A special thanks to Eric for sharing these great tips and his wonderful work. Be sure to visit his site for some more inspiration.

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