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Monday, June 7, 2010

Don't forget the guests

Many brides choose to get married in destinations these days and thanks to the wonderful world of technology, many others choose partners who aren't in the same zip code(Always comforting to know that you have more options then your little town) For this reason that means that in most weddings there are at least a few guests who will have to make a weekend or night out of your big day. Because of that, bride and grooms usually like to make their guests feel at home or provide them with an agenda of things to do in the area.

We suggest putting together a small welcome bag for our guests. Be sure to include necessities such as water, asprin, a few things to snack on (i.e. chips, pretzels) and possibly something for the morning (Think granola bar, box of cereal etc). Gum and mints are also helpful to include. These are things that the guests will not likely pack on their own, yet will definately spend some cash on getting and what better way to thank your guests then by making them feel thought of. I think its a small gesture (and easy diy project) that can make a big difference. You can purchase already made "go green" type bags which lots of wedding sites offer (see above) or you can opt to buy regular paper bags. Spice them up with cheap, personally designed stickers such as these from My Wedding Labels which S & I both used or keep them simple with colorful paper that matches the color scheme of your big day (See below) To stay in budget while doing this, you can buy in bulk at a Costco or BJ's wholesaler or even check out the dollar store.

Don't forget to include a little thank you note to the guests and possibly a phone number or two in case they need to contact someone. Just be sure not it isn't yours or the grooms; think maide of honor, best man or your parents! If you have made arrangements for transportation so guests will not have to drive (Many hotels offer shuttle services that you can set up for your guests) be sure to include that information and times on the note as well.

Don't have the time to put these together right before the big day ? Try making this a project that you do during the planning lull that occurs usually between 4-5 months before the big day. Or if you have too many out of towners to do this, you can purchase pre made bags. A bit less personal, but a lot less of a hassle. We adore the ones by Navy & Lavendar. These are much more expensive then making them on your own, but definately worth the cost. Perhaps these might be a special treat to leave in rooms of your bridal party or to purchase as a bridal party gift. These come in special wedding themes and of course, I particulary adore the NY bag : )

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