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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How to Juggle

Unfortunately, I cannot provide you a step my step tutorial on how to juggle 5 lemons, but I can help with juggling wedding planning and um, the rest of your life! I planned a wedding in about a year and F planned it in about 18 months. I think we will both agree that although wedding planning is intense it can easily be done in less than time than we had. Of course, the first tip I'm going to give you is stay organized, I mean really you should just assume that from now on will always be my first tip, haha.

You want to plan on doing a few things pretty early on in your planning (and especially if your engagement is less than a year.);
1. budget
2. rough guest count
3. venue
4. photographer
5. band (if you are using a dj you can wait bit longer unless you have a very specific dj in mind in which case, book early)

The venue, photographer, and band can easily book a year ahead of time especially if you are planning on getting married during a popular month, which is basically March-November on the east coast. However, don't just assume that the band you love who is immensely popular will automatically be booked on your date, you never know!

After, you have secured the first major vendors I suggest working on things that are time sensitive i.e. save the dates. If you aren't doing save the dates you can start to work on the next bunch of vendors;

6. dress (give yourself as much time as possible. Most dress salons recommend at least 5 months)
7. florist
8. videographer
9. invitations (and other paper goods)
10. bridesmaid dress/groomsman attire

The key to juggling life and wedding planning is to give yourself time to research vendors and tackle wedding tasks. Cut out some time during the day. I was lucky to have some free lunches while I was in school. I would spend an hour or so a day reading blogs or contacting vendors. On the weekends I tried to isolate some time one afternoon or early morning to do quiet wedding planning like look for shoes, edit the guest list, look for inspiration images, etc. It's like you would plan your workday or to write a paper. Just make some time and focus on your task for that day. Try not to get too overwhelmed and once you make a choice, trust yourself and take a deep breath.

If you need hep, we'd love to! Email away.

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