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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Just a reminder...

Every once in awhile, during and after the wedding process, I like to advise people to step back and be thankful and grateful for what they have. It is not always easy to do given the tornado-like speed of the wedding planning and life process, but so important in helping us and those around us stay sane. After surfing the Tiffany's website prior to posting about the new application, I was reminded of the months right after my engagement when I told my husband about 100 times/day that I was so thankful and grateful for him...and my new ring. We can all recall the days of finding ourselves lost in daze whether it be at work, in bed, or while driving a car, staring at the new bling on our finger in amazement. I still to this day find myself walking down the streets of Manhattan staring at my finger while the sun's rays glisten the brillance of my diamond. While by no means does my ring have anything to do with why I love my husband so much, it is a gentle reminder of all that he has done for me and continues to do for me every day.

The same goes for the family and friends that helped me stay sane and survive the wedding planning process, and daily life. Without their support, I would have never made it through, nor be able to make it through life in general. I was reminded of this while sending an email to my sisters this morning asking them a favor. While the favor was nothing that was difficult, it was one that would occupy time out of their lives, and that inspired me to think of all the time that they did and continue to take out of their lives for mine. My sisters, parents and best friends are my rocks, in good times and bad, just like my husband yet they never took a public vow to me. They deserve just as much to know what they do is appreciated, big or small.

Maybe I am a little bit sappy this morning, but hey, that's ok. I am a sucker for being in touch with my emotions and we all know those run extra high during wedding planning.
It is good to be reminded every once in a while that the support and love around us gets us through each day, good and bad. So call it a little reminder and reach out to let your fiance,husband, boyfriend, mother, father, sister, best friends etc, just how much you appreciate all they do. Doing this without a reason makes it all the more special. We don't have to let them in on this reminder....And for my husband, parents, sisters or best friends reading this...Thank You with all my heart xoxo

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