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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Grooms Gear

So much discussion on bridal fashion and we sometimes forget (oops!) to think about our handsome men. Groom fashion has come a long way from the traditional black tuxedo and with that comes a variety of decisions.We like to think of the grooms fashion as equally (ok, almost!) important so be sure to add that to your wedding to do list.

Some of your fiances will not be too hung up on what they are wearing on the big day, many will probably not even know they had an option. That being said, Men everywhere have become much more in tune with fashion in general and so it might just be something on their mind. Start by asking what they imagine to be wearing on the big day. It is a big, important and long day and being comfortable is always key. While women tend to think pain is beauty, most men aren't exactly on board with that idea.

Ideas to keep in mind when deciding upon grooms gear:

-Formality of event; black tie calls for tuxedos but more casual affairs can opt for suits or jackets/pants. Wedding on the beach or backyard? Perhaps the groom would like to go tie-less or in shorts.
-Season; Spring and Summer allow for summer suits, khakis, and lighter colors such as beige where winter allows for wool or darker suiting such as brown.

-Color Scheme; The grooms accessories (i.e. tie, bow tie, flower, vest, pocket scarf etc) can coordinate in some way with the bride and/or bridesmaids. These accessories are a great way to expand on your wedding color scheme or tie in your wedding theme. Note though that the grooms wear doesn't necessarily have to coordinate, but should never clash! The bride and groom will inevitably be hand in hand most of the day.

I am a personal big fan of grey suits on the groom because I think they look sharp and sexy on men and provide a bit less of the traditional feel, but I can't deny the sexiness of a man in a tuxedo either, especially with the traditional bow ties. We opted for my husband (and groomsmen ) to wear navy suits on our big day. It was a bit less formal for our summer affair and I loved the richness in the pictures and how it coordinated so well with our bridesmaids.

Aside from comfortabless, be sure to allow your groom's personality to be shared however that may be. As brides, so much of our own personalities is exuded through our own fashion that it wouldn't be fair to limit that of our grooms. Sure, many of us don't want them showing up with a Yankees/Mets baseball cap while saying their vows, but allow them to incorporate their own ideas into their gear. For instance, the men in S & W's wedding wore black and white checkered socks under their formal tuxedos. This not only allowed them to share their personalities, but also made for excellent photos. My sister in law's groomsmen were gifted Ray -Bans by the bride and groom and then wore them around outdoors. This also made for an excellent photo-op.

So many creative ways to accesorize and make your love feel even better on his big day.
(Images taken via Style me Pretty)

Any other grooms/groomsmen fashion ideas to share?!?

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