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Friday, June 4, 2010


There are just so many ways to dress up a table these days! Little additions really can make your table stand out from the normal white tablecloth & white plate scenario. Often times brides that have their receptions in large rooms feel like they need to have really tall and large centerpieces. Believe me it's easy to see such a large room and get overwhelmed, but this is just not the case! Keep in mind that really large impressive floral arrangements are usually very expensive even if you stay with in season flowers. Here are some other great ways to dress the table up and add some beautiful details to your reception.

1. tablecloths, hello color! They are super easy to rent and with some shopping around can be rented for a decent price.

2. charger plates, They are on the table when everyone walks into the room. They are such an easy way to add color and texture to your table.

3. napkins, Same as table cloths super easy to rent and such a pop of color. Adding a fresh flower or punchy fruit to each table setting on top of
or next to the napkin, amazing detail!

4. fruit, Different and can really add dimension to your table.

5. candles, You can get a bunch of votives for super cheap and they really can add a glow to
your table. Just check with your venue about their regulations

6. containers, What you put your flowers in can really make the difference. Clear glass or crystal containers aren't going to add much to your table (although they look really modern and crisp). Try to use a metal or color container really will add so much to the flowers.

Keep in mind you don't need to or even want to use all of these details, but adding a few of these to your table may really make an ehh table go to a wow table.

image credit style me pretty
This table used a few of the elements I mentioned, Colorful tablecloth, a different charger plate, and a beautiful flower on each napkin. The unique centerpiece helps make the table something special

image credit julesandalbie.com via smp
This table has both a fun table cloth, great floral containers, and votives. The best part is there are really no crazy arrangement of flowers here(i.e no crazy expensive centerpieces). This is also something very DIY friendly.

image credit martha stewart weddings
Great tablecloth, apples, fun votive containers and very simple floral arrangements. The table looks done, but doesn't need to have some elaborate floral arrangement.

image credit style me pretty
This is a great spin on the typical white on white. Alternating between table runners and tablecloths really add dimension to the outdoor space and balance it nicely between formal dinner and rustic picnic. I really love the chairs.

This table uses the lemons to add some color, the individual flowers at each setting, and the containers of jam. (Tip: edible things like jam make great favors and if you stick a place card on their they make fantastic place card holders)
image credit elizabeth anne designs

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