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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Last Minute Money Saving Tip

We all know the week's leading up to weddings can be hectic and quite costly. You start writing checks with numbers that you never imagined and every little penny begins to count. This is a small money saving tip for those of you whose venues/caterers charge per person. Most of those that do this require a final headcount a few days before the actual event. When giving this, we suggest that you give this count minus a few. This is because the majority of those who have had weddings can attest to the fact that their are always a few last minute cancellations. A significant other is ill, a family members travel has been delayed, or someone has unfortunately passed away. Because it is unlikely that once the money is taken by the venue/caterer, you will ever see it again (They tend not to refund for cancellations after the final headcount), it is always smart to minus a few. That way, if everyone does show up, you can always add a seat or two and pay the difference the night of, but if cancellations arise, you haven't lost any cash.

Many of you reading this haven't gotten to this point yet, but like some of our other posts ( like numbering the RSVP cards), bookmark this one and revisit when the big day gets closer. You won't be sorry!
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