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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Summer heat reminders

As the sun glares through the windows making it hard to do just about anything, I wanted to be sure to remind our summer brides (and grooms, bridesmaids, guests etc..) a few things in order to prepare for the summer heat.

1- Tan lines. Nothing is more distracting then halter tan lines on a bride with a strapless dress. And we all know that once those tan lines start, it is always hard to make them go away entirely. With everything on our brains, its easy to forget to pull down the straps so my best advice is to go buy a cheap bathing suit top that mimics the neckine of the gown and just stick with it for most of the summer. Old navy has great options that cost next to nothing and might just be your summer savior to a glowing, not distracting, tan. I know many brides saying its not a big deal because they can get spray tanned over the white, but many times these brides are disappointed when their are still faint reminders of those unmatching tops. In any event, if you do happen to forget, spray tan and make up can definately help fade the lines a bit. Just be sure to do a practice run before the big day as we say about everything.

2-Use SPF. Yes, I know you want to maximize the tanning time that is limited with the hustle and bustle of summer and wedding planning, but the reality is, patience is your best friend in this one. Take it from a bride who has to work pretty hard to achieve a good tan despite the fact that she is Sicilian. I had many temptations to load on the oil, but at the end of the day, Im glad I had people reminding me how unattractive burn marks and peeling are. No one wants to show up on there wedding day with the remnants of a 2 week old sunburn resulting in uneven color and lots of peeling skin. Instead, try to really maximize your time. Use SPF daily, but increase your sun exposure by doing things like sitting outside on your lunch breaks. My sister and I would meet up for 20 minutes to my apartments rooftop last summer just to get a little extra color! If the sun is out after work, sit outside. You might not see immediate results, but every extra minute spent in the exposure will add to the tan, not to mention give you some Vitamin C, something definately needed during this crazy time. And most importantly, embrace your skin and its color. Most of us feel better with a little tan, but who says being tan is the only beautiful option. Know your skin and its limits.

3-Moisturize. Cannot stress this enough. No one wants to feel like a crocodile while their being hugged by hundreds of family and friends. Keep your skin moist from your face all the way down to your feet!

4-Drink lots of water. Overload on it. The summer is hot and heat really does take a toll on our bodies. In order to look and feel our best, we must continue to hydrate ourselves. So grab yourself a new, trendy, reuseable bottle and fill it up over and over again. Carry it with you to work, school, appointments..whereever!

5-Avoid extra salty foods. This is especially important in the days leading up to your wedding in order to avoid any excess bloating, but particulary important during the heat. This can also be helped by the above, so just another reason to keep refilling that bottle!

6-Protect your hair. So you listened to our previous post and got that extra blonde shade 3 months before to ensure perfection, but now you have to maintain it. Be sure to protect your hair while you are out in the heat with head scarfs, hats, or hair products which have some sort of protection. Even if you do not color your hair, it is important to protect it in order to keep its texture and shine for the big day!

These are just a few of our reminders, many more to come, but in the meantime, any summer heat reminders to share with our readers?

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