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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dress Sanity II

Picking up where we left off, once you have some inspiration (and organization!), along with that strong person to accompany you, its time to officially start the hunt. My first suggestion is to do some research in your area for wedding dress salons that you might be interested in. S and I would be happy to help if you are having any trouble.

Start by looking up the designers which inspired you and find where those dresses are carried in your area. Most of the time this information can be found on the designers individual websites. Once you have done that, search for local bridal salons in your area. My advice would be to start 2-3 places. I would suggest making sure one of those is a large salon that carries many different designers (Think Klieinfelds in NYC aka say YES to the DRESS) so that you get to try on lots of different options. Adding a few smaller salons is also nice as they are usually more personalized. Going to particular designer boutiques and salons is great too, especially if you are swooning over one particular dress and are dying to try it on. That being said, scheduling too many single designer shops can make for a little insanity with your already busy schedule. You can add these on later if you still haven't found the perfect gown.

Once you have narrowed it down, start calling and making appointments. I would stick to 1-2 appointments a day as it can become overwhelming and give yourself plenty of time in between to unwind and make for any scheduling conflicts or hold ups that may occur. Make sure to schedule a lunch for yourself and your "assistants for the day" as the it can be long and you want to make it the most pleasurable and memorable experience possible! Chatting over lunch about the dresses is also part of the fun!

The day of the appointments, be sure to bring a strapless bra, some formal jewlery, a camera, a notepad/pen and your trusty inspiration folder! The formal jewlery just helps you get a better picture in your mind. The camera is a must as usually you can forget how certain gowns looked on you, or the details in it. Make sure your person takes pictures of all angles and a close up of any details.

When you arrive to the salons, it is not always what you had pictured in your mind. Some of the larger shops have rows and rows of dresses in bags that you can barely see. This is when then bridal attendant becomes really important. You have to describe to these woman what inspires you and your folder can really help in doing so. The bridal attendant at these larger places will just start pulling gowns while you wait in the dressing room and you get to say yes or no. It is OK to say no. Don't feel pressured or rushed to have to try on what they say. It is your time and you need to use it wisely.

(Vera Wang-above)

Some of the smaller salons will allow you to frolic and look at all the dresses which are usually displayed much more delicately. You can browse and select gowns you like and then the attendants will usually pull out other similiars based on what you had selected or what inspiration you have shown them. I found this experience much less anxiety provoking for me as I was overwhelmed when entering the larger salons. That being said, I found my dress at a larger salon, but then purchased it at a smaller salon that I felt was more personable (not to mention more budget friendly for the same gown!)

Another interesting moment during the process is the getting changed in front of the stranger aka bridal attendant and your person. These women are throwing dresses at you and expect for you to get in and out of them as they are right there. Try and stay comfortable knowing that they do this all day long, but if you still dont feel at ease, just communicate to them that you rather try them on alone and you will be out quickly. Sometimes getting the dress on may take some assistance so let them know you will call them in immediately when needing it. You have to feel comfortable during the process or you will definately go insane so preparing yourself for what you will and say can definately help.

Most women also get a little shocked when they realize the gowns only come in one size and that oftentimes they have to get clipped and pinned in. Sometimes its hard to imagine what the dress will look like without all the ridiculous pins, but keep in mind that if you are going to a good salon, the seamstresses will be able to tailor it to fit you perfectly. Before purchasing any gown, be sure to talk to the seamstress and verbalize everything you want done to the gown to ensure that it can be just the way you want it.

Before leaving, be sure to take down all the designers and names of the particular gowns you adore and even ones that you just like. When you get home, upload all the pictures and label them with the designer, name/style of gown and the price. Remember that the price is usually a bit negotiable, but for a ballpark figure it helps to have this listed under the gowns when you are going through them.

And my most important piece of advice; have fun, smile and stay in the moment-you are trying on wedding dresses !! Close your eyes and envision yourself walking down the aisle, dancing with your HUSBAND and taking pictures. Oh and by the way, try jumping around, walking, sitting and dancing in those dresses right in the middle of the salon. That is what you will be doing on the big day and comfort is a BIG thing. Almost as important as the fashion ; )

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