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Monday, June 21, 2010

Hair Sanity

Waking up on the first day of summer and I noticed that along with the new season has come much less manageable hair. This got me thinking about summer wedding hair, for brides, maids and even guests. Unfortunately, we can never predict the weather ahead, but it here are a few tips to keep in mind.

1- Know your hair and how it works and don't think just because your wedding is a magical day that your hair will miraculously do something it has never done before. Example, women with pin straight hair that doesn't hold a curl shouldn't expect to leave their hair down and have flowy, natural curls. If the curl doesnt stay 364 days of the year, chances are it won't on your wedding day either. Instead, embrace what it does do! Women with pin straight hair tend to have hair that can do any sort of up do without an ounce of frizz. Use this to your advantage.

2-Speaking of frizz, if you have it, practice taming it in the months leading up to your wedding. Try different products, it is all trial and error with our hair on what works and what doesn't. Look for hair sprays that hold, but don't turn hard and conditioners that provide good shine and control. I wouldn't suggest spending a load on these products since many of them are made out of similiar ingredients, but I personally cannot help but splurge on Phytodefrisant and Morrocan Oil, both of which have transformed hair miracles for me.

3- As we said in an earlier post, no crazy new hair cuts or colors too close to the date. Hair changes its body and texture when cut and dyed. Try to stick to doing this at least 2 weeks-month before the big day and be sure to get a hair trial after it has been done!

4- Have a plan B. Knowing my sometimes unmanageable curls and frizz might not be able to handle the humidity of a hot, August day, I decided to have a backup plan in case of rain or humid weather. I knew I wanted my hair half up and half down with loose curls and had gone for my hair trial imagining this style, but I decided I would put it in a loose chignon down and to the side if the weather did not hold up. Fortunately, Someone from above was shining down for us as we had one of the most beautiful days in one of the most rainy NY summer seasons, but had it not gone my way, I knew that I had tested and trialed other options. This helps to keep sane on the big day

5-In regards to knowing your hair, know how it works too. Most hair stylists suggest hair actually being a little bit dirty before setting it for a style. This doesn't mean greasy though and so as women, we need to get a gage on what our hair limits are. Many brides opt to get a blow out for their rehearsal, usually a night or two before, and then keep that as the last time they wash their hair before the big day. Other brides know that their hair cannot last that long and so they opt to shower and blow dry it the night before bed, while others use their natural wet hair to mold their hair-do. Whatever your hair limits are, know them and work them to your advantage.

Any other hair tips to share for our readers? Let us know! We would love to hear...

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