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Monday, June 14, 2010

picking colors... picking a theme

We've talked about the importance that color (or lack there of) can play at your wedding. I've never been a theme kind of girl and rather let colors play the part at my wedding. I was inspired by a post on WeddingChicks about how a bride picked her colors and wanted to share some tips about picking colors.

First, the best way to start is focus on a color that you naturally gravitate towards. While, this color may not play a part in your wedding it will definitely steer you in a certain direction. I tend to wear mostly black with certain signature colors, teal greens, pinks, corals, and greys. I love these colors and had I planned a spring or summer wedding they would have been top contenders. Which brings me to my second tip.

Know your season. Embrace your season. Some seasons like winter really give you a blank slate, but other seasons like fall have hues that play a very important role. There is no way in New England in the fall that you could even begin to compete with the reds, oranges, greens, and browns that are dripping from every single tree. Instead of trying to compete with the colors I embraced them. It doesn't hurt that one of the reasons I chose fall was because of the deep hues. However, I have seen some great fall weddings that really incorporated very little of the typical fall colors and they were beautiful

Third, know your venue. If you are lucky and the venue contains wood floors and white walls than go ahead attack with whatever colors you want, but if you are looking at a deep red or blue carpet you have to take that into consideration when planning your centerpieces. I'm not saying that in either of those situations you are forced to use white centerpieces or stuck with colors you hate, but don't attempt to do clashing colors.

Themes are a great alternative to colors. They can be as simple as a nautical theme which incorporates a couples love of sailing with hints of blues. A theme can also center around an object like a starfish, incorporating this item throughout the wedding and then throwing in some beach elements such as corals, ocean blues, etc.

In order for the whole wedding to fit together I'd suggest a simple inspiration board. Make as many as you need with minor tweaks in colors you'll be able to really pinpoint your wedding vision.

image credit: elizabeth anne design

This inspiration board compliments of elizabeth anne designs shows how effective choosing one color can be at tying together an entire wedding scheme. The olive green would blend well with so many seasons and isn't overpowering.

image credit : merriementevents.com via style me pretty

The pop of color on the table cloths ties in so well with the centerpieces which feature various shades of pink. One strong color can play such a fantastic part in a wedding and really brings various elements together.

image credit: marthastewartweddings.com

This was a real wedding in CA during the fall. I love how the bride did not use the typical colors, but embraced the season with the muted grey bridesmaid dress. The red flowers offer just the perfect amount of fall.

image credit: elizabeth anne designs

This deep red and gold inspiration board makes me so happy! I love that this is a muted palate. There isn't a ton of color, but the deep red and gold can so easily make a perfect wedding theme. This is also a great option for fall or winter especially if you are getting married in a country club like venue with the deep maghony.

image credit: atlelier isabey via style me pretty

This image just goes to show that you can have a perfectly put together wedding without a ton of color. I know a ton of brides that just don't do color in their day to day lives and really wanted a very black and white wedding. This wedding looks totally put togehter without crazy color schemes.

Have a color scheme you want pieced out? Have a favorite color and don't know how to pair it with complimentary colors, or have an object you must incorporate, or a theme you are hoping to use, send us your images, We'd love to help.

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